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Preporuke za tehnički pregled vozila

Tehnički pregled vozila

Data from 2020 show that every fifth vehicle in Croatia does not pass the technical inspection

The technical inspection for the purpose of vehicle registration is perceived by many as a hassle that must be done every year. However, data from 2020 show that every fifth vehicle in Croatia does not pass the technical inspection. Should we be worried about that? Before answering this question, let us consider the real situation.

Why do you most often "fall" at the technical inspection?

The most common risk factors for non-compliance with the technical inspection requirements include the age of the vehicle and irregular maintenance. If we take into account the fact that about 70 percent of vehicles in Croatia have at least a decade of "work experience" behind them , then this figure does not sound so unexpected. The most common causes are irregularities in the braking system, faulty traffic lights, problems with wheels, tires and suspension and, less frequently, non-compliance with eco-test standards .

How often should I go for a technical inspection?

If you bought a new car, after the first technical inspection you can be "quiet" for 24 months. Please note that new vehicles are those that are not older than 12 months, have not been in traffic, nor have they ever been registered before . Instructions for the first registration can be found on the website of the Croatian Vehicle Center .

After that, the technical inspection of passenger cars is performed every 12 months . It is recommended that you complete the procedure about ten days before the date entered in the license, but take care that this is possible only in the month in which it expires. In this way, you buy yourself time so that in the event of a fault being declared, you can still participate in traffic to make all the necessary repairs.

In addition to regular, there are control and extraordinary technical inspections. Special categories of cars are subject to technical inspection, such as rent-a-car, taxi vehicles, driving schools, ambulances, buses, trucks and trailers for the transport of dangerous goods and vehicles with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 7,500 kg, and the intervals depend on on the age of the vehicle.

An extraordinary technical inspection, however, can be performed at any time and is mandatory if the vehicle has been repaired for elements that significantly affect safety after a traffic accident, natural disaster, or by order of the police.

How to behave in case of a car accident?

What do you need to have with you?

A technical inspection is performed in order to register the car. So, you will need a valid ID (or passport), a license and money. Many companies engaged in this business have online calculators on their websites that can help you plan your funds, or you can simply call them by phone. You can take out a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy, which is included in the registration costs, 30 days in advance at the insurance company, or on the day of registration at the technical inspection station.

For persons with disabilities, benefits are provided in the form of a discount on registration, which includes exemption from paying the annual fee for the use of public roads. This decision is issued at the request of the driver for a maximum of one vehicle per year and must be attached during registration. For more details you can also ask for CVH advice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have unpaid fines, you will not be able to register your car until you have paid them. All mandatory vehicle levies, such as tolls, environmental fees, annual motor vehicle tax, administrative fee when changing vehicle ownership, etc. they must also be paid for the car to be registered. The good news is that most of them can be paid at the station itself for a technical inspection.

If you are wondering if someone can register for you - they can , but in that case, they must have your traffic license, ID card, or power of attorney (find out about the conditions on the CVH website ).

Tehnički pregled i registracija

You can perform the technical inspection and registration at any technical inspection station.

Can I prepare myself for a car technical inspection?

To some extent. If you can, do everything you can yourself:

  • First, make sure you have a mandatory first aid kit, spare bulbs, and safety triangle;
  • Check that all lights work, including turn signals and rear stop lights;
  • Check tire condition, tread pressure and depth;
  • Inspect the control panel and turn the lights on / off when starting the car;
  • Make sure all window regulators are working;
  • Pay attention to the retraction of seat belts, that is, that they are not too "loose";
  • See if you have cracks on the windows and surfaces on the body that are quite affected by corrosion;
  • Check that engine oil and brake fluid levels are by no means at a minimum;
  • Test the car while driving, paying particular attention to the behavior of the steering wheel, gearbox and brakes;
  • Check to see if the exhaust smoke has any color (bluish, dark, or water vapor-like), because colored exhaust fumes are usually not good news.
5 checking your car that you can do yourself


You will notice that one part of these items is not completely clear, in the sense that you cannot be sure where the line between “normal” and “allowed” is. Keep in mind that the technical inspection checks, among other things, things such as braking force, headlight tilt, chassis and exhaust condition for which you may not have enough expertise, tools and conditions.

For this reason, it would be best to plan a regular service a week or two in advance and emphasize to your master that you are preparing for a technical inspection. It is certainly better than organizing "quick" repairs later, often without having too much influence on the choice of service or the amount of the fee.

What if I don't pass?

If you don’t pass, all is not lost. You have 15 calendar days to return to the technical, free of charge, provided you have rectified the fault. However, if the cause of the drop in the technical test is an eco-test, you will receive a surcharge of 50% of the full (initial) fee for the eco-test.

What if my license has expired?

If your traffic license has expired, the Law on Road Traffic Safety, which entered into force on 08.04.2020. prescribes a fine in the amount of HRK 700.00. Be careful because after this period, the amount of the penalty increases dramatically.

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